We're encouraging everyone to grow even more plants in any setting across Great Britain, they're vital for the environment and our health.

  • 22 million plants were added to gardens each year by the RHS and our members, this is the equivalent of 350 football pitches. At least 157,270 of those plants were trees, creating the equivalent of 98 hectares of forest per year
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  • Some 77% of members chose plants to attract declining bees, with 44% also saying they selected plants for other pollinators – which supports the vital growth of our food and green places
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  • 176,006 trees, 966,065 shrubs and 10,606 bulbs are planted each year in community gardens by thousands of volunteers from Britain in Bloom and It’s Your Neighbourhood groups
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  • 80% of RHS members are also happy to share their gardening knowledge, helping family or friends to get greening themselves 
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    We launched our 'Greening Grey Britain' campaign in 2015 and the Greening Grey Britain Report was raised in The London Assembly.


    We held a 'Front Garden Summit' in 2016 where policymakers, developers, planners and landscapers discussed solutions to start making a difference.
    \n128 grants were given to communities to turn their grey spaces green. 
    \nWe hosted a conference at the RHS Flower Show Tatton Park in 2018 to highlight the importance of greening urban spaces.
    \nOur last three gardens from the RHS Chelsea Flower Show have all transformed grey spaces to green after the show.

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    We're asking everyone to join together with our army of 500,000 RHS members and transform a grey space in their community or home with plants.


    1. Think of a way you can get 'Greening Great Britain'  


    Here's a few things you could do:


    Plant up an empty concrete corner, a disused alleyway or a stretch of tarmac – add pollen and nectar rich plants to attract bees and other pollinators 
    \nTransform your front garden with borders, climbers or plants to help manage rainfall and combat urban climate change
    \nCreate a watery space for your community with a pond to teach children all about wildlife 
    \nGrow edibles in pots on your window sill or balcony and share them with your neighbours


    There's so many ways to get 'Greening Great Britain'. Whether you have a small or large space – anyone can create a transformation and make a real difference. Join us and create green spaces that benefit wellbeing and wildlife in the community where you live. 
    \n2. Tell us what you've achieved


    Share what you’re doing to support Greening Great Britain by using the #GreeningGreatBritain hashtag on social media. Why not post a photo or video to show us what you’re growing to inspire others? Don’t forget to tag the RHS on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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    If you’ve identified a run-down space to transform in your community, have a look at any existing plants or wildlife on the site and whether they need to be protected. If you're unsure, have a chat with your local Wildlife Trust for valuable advice.


    If you'd like to work on land that doesn't belong to you, talk to the land owner before you start. Your local council could be able to give you help and support if the land is owned by them or an organisation. Perhaps you can join forces. 

    Tell us what you’re doing to support Greening Great Britain by using the #GreeningGreatBritain​ hashtag on 
    \nsocial media. Post a photo or video to show us what you’re growing and tag the RHS, we'll be sharing our favourite posts.