Your gift could help inspire a passion for plants in school children, transform communities, find solutions to environmental problems, train the next generation of horticulturists, and maintain our gardens.
\nYou can give to the RHS as a whole or to one of our dedicated funds, either by a one-off gift or monthly direct debit. We need your help more than ever.


How your donation can help

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Learn about how your gift can help to support the next generation of gardeners.","image":"/getmedia/b501f105-1d2a-41d6-b712-43e669101765/Students-to-tend-spring-display.jpg?width=940&height=627&ext=.jpg","link1label":"Donate to careers in horticulture","link1":"","link2label":"","link2":"","isLinkTargetBlank1":true,"isLinkTargetBlank2":true},{"collapse":true,"title":"Help RHS Garden Bridgewater grow","description":"This glorious 154-acre garden is now open and we have many exciting plans for its ongoing development in the coming years.
Find out more about the garden, why we need your support and how you can help.","link1label":"Donate to RHS Garden Bridgewater","link1":"","link2label":"","link2":"","image":"/getmedia/8eac1373-4366-4f89-84df-aac9072cd550/Alliums-in-the-Paradise-Garden.jpg?width=940&height=627&ext=.jpg","isLinkTargetBlank1":true},{"collapse":true,"title":"Support our NHS Healing Gardens","description":"Your gift will help us build and grow NHS Healing Gardens across the country.
Learn more about our flagship Healing Garden at University Hospital Lewisham.","image":"/getmedia/4451fbe7-d9e9-4e21-8801-6b35c00c3443/Team-planting-day.jpg?width=940&height=627&ext=.jpg","link1label":"Donate to NHS Healing Gardens","link1":"","link2label":"","link2":"","isLinkTargetBlank1":true},{"collapse":false,"title":"Helping Harlow Carr bloom","description":"Your gift will help to create a range of stunning horticultural projects at Harlow Carr.
Learn more about how your support will help Harlow Carr Bloom.","image":"/getmedia/e82f5eeb-a3d9-4561-9585-22077656d4fb/Main-Borders-at-Harlow-Carr.jpg?width=940&height=627&ext=.jpg","link1label":"Donate to RHS Garden Harlow Carr","link1":"","link2label":"","link2":"","isLinkTargetBlank1":true},{"collapse":true,"title":"RHS Lindley Libraries and Collections","description":"Help preserve our gardening heritage through our unique collections.
Learn more about the RHS Lindley Libraries and Collections.","image":"/getmedia/e207a406-7d05-4444-9985-886e430c2a61/library-940x627.jpg?width=940&height=627&ext=.jpg","link1label":"Donate to RHS Lindley Libraries and Collections","link1":"","link2label":"","link2":"","isLinkTargetBlank1":true},{"collapse":true,"title":"Workshops for school children","description":"Your gift will help children to discover more about plants and gardening.
Learn more about how you can help us reach 40,000 school children this year.","link1label":"Donate to school workshops","link1":"","link2label":"","link2":"","image":"/getmedia/4a3a3d5b-7505-45c0-928e-8d8e8e3cd7e5/A-boy-holding-harvested-marrow.jpg?width=940&height=627&ext=.jpg","isLinkTargetBlank1":true}]},"type":"Grid"}">
  • RHS Remembrance Fund: Your gift will help to maintain the beautiful RHS Gardens for future visitors to enjoy
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  • Support a favourite RHS Garden: Celebrate the life of a loved one, their passion for gardening or their love of a favourite RHS Garden
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  • Garden Mobility Fund: Your gift will enable us to buy and maintain scooters to help everyone experience our gardens
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    \nCall us on:
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    Make a donation by phone

    \nIf you’d like to make a donation over the phone, please call us on 020 7821 3125 and one of our team will be happy to help. Please do give us a call if you have any questions about our work or how to make a donation.","title":""},"type":"TextWithHtml"}">
  • Fund the Glasshouse in Hyde Hall’s Global Growth Vegetable Garden
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  • Train our apprentices at RHS Gardens
  • \n\t
  • Reach more children with our RHS Campaign for School Gardening
  • \n\t
  • Buy plants, trees and equipment
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    We have been able to...

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